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How it works

  • 1 Consultation

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    • Contact us on +91 7802-80-80-80 or you can submit the enquiry in website. Or drop us an email to [email protected]
    • Our technical expert will call you back and take your detailed requirement and provide you the Approximate estimation.
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  • 2 Place The Order

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    • If you are good with the cost estimation and our service, You can place the order by paying 10% of the project value.
    • Covid-19: We know due to the pandemic people are unable to step out, but we can come to you and get the agreement formality done at your door step.
  • 3 Design & Selection

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    • We will connect you to one of our senoir architects. You can provide your detailed requirements regarding the design.
    • Architect will provide the Design based on your detailed inputs. Since the Design is based on your detailed inputs, more than 80% will be completed. In case if you have any changes we can revise it.
  • Execution work starts from now
  • 4 Execution & Installation

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    • Site engineer and Project manager will be assigned to your Project.
    • If the designs are approved by you, we will start the production after the payment of 40% of the project value. Production quality checks will be done at factory.
    • After production, the material will be delivered to your site. An expert carpenter team will be assigned.
    • Installation will be started after the payment of 40% of the project value. Installation quality checks will be done at site.
  • 5 Move In

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    • With the help of the project management team, we ensure that the project is completed on schedule and without incidents.
    • You would be overjoyed to step into your Dream Home at Right time.
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